Who We Are

BearOur purpose

The purpose of Christian Union is to create an environment that develops thoughtful and mature Christian leaders who will serve the Brown campus and engage one another in selfless, authentic community. We welcome students from all backgrounds and, in sharing life together, seek to glorify God in all that we do.

What we do

We promote greater understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith in the Brown community through rigorous Bible study, reading groups, topical discussions, guest speakers, mentoring, leadership training, networking with Christian leaders on campus, community service, and other activities.

Engaging our community

Isaac & JustinStudents in Christian Union are involved in nearly every dimension of Brown life. We aim to be a community that is both set apart from Brown and one that is oriented towards serving the university well and seeking its good.

There are various faith-based groups working within the Brown undergrad and graduate community. Christian Union partners with these groups to intentionally embody the broader faith community while seeking to make positive contributions through acts of service.