Proverbs 22

“Happy are generous people,
Because they give some of their food to the poor.”

                                    ~Prov 22: 9

This verse stuck out to me because CU@Brown is thinking a lot about food right now! We are in a season of fasting before our feasting on Saturday. As we have been thinking about our feast, we have also been thinking about how we could help people who are hungry around us.

The Bible tells us many ways to achieve happiness, but here is one: by being generous. That might mean giving food to the poor like the proverbs suggests. Or it might mean giving time and attention to a friend who is lonely or depressed. Or it might mean letting go of a wrong that someone did to you (being generous with your forgiveness).

Isn’t it interesting that happiness comes not from getting or keeping for yourself, but actually giving to others!

Dear Jesus, Thank you that we can be generous with others because of your generosity to us. Help us to remember that true happiness comes from giving away instead of keeping for ourselves. Thank you that you emptied yourself for us. Amen

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