Proverbs 18

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire;
    he breaks out against all sound judgment.
 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding,
    but only in expressing his opinion.

~Prov 18:1-2

When we care only for ourselves and only look out for our own interests, we fail and refuse to listen to sound wisdom. When we willfully separate ourselves from God and others, we begin to think only we know what’s best for us. The author of Proverbs warns us that a characteristic of a fool, or one who isn’t wise, is that of pride in elevating one’s desires and opinions–ultimately, caring only for oneself. To be wise, therefore, means to be selfless and to seek the good of those around us; and in order to know what others need, we need to be willing to listen and understand.

Lord, thank you for giving us community and for giving us people who speak into our lives and situations. Help us to be receptive when we are corrected and give us the grace to see the needs of others, not only our own. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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