Proverbs 10

Those who heed instruction are on the way to life,

But those who ignore correction lose their way.

~Proverbs 10:17

I have this bad habit of asking for directions and then only listening to the first half. Which, if you can imagine, doesn’t actually get me to where I need to go or unlost! Chapter 10 has a bunch of couplets that give wisdom from two perspectives: the first line tends to be positive (those who do listen won’t get lost), while the second line tends to be negative (those who do not listen will get lost). At times the doubling of the wise word makes it seems harsh, but I wonder if it is just another way of reminding us that wisdom isn’t coupled with neutral. It is coupled with folly. In the gospels Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life.” When we look to Jesus and follow him we gain “the way of life”. Without him, we are lost!

Dear Jesus, thank you that you offer us life and offer it abundantly! I often find it easy to look for happiness and meaning in things that do not ultimately satisfy me or give me the happiness or meaning I am looking for. Help me to turn my eyes on you and to follow after you. Even if that means following you through some dark places. Amen

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