Proverbs 8

All the words of my (wisdom’s) mouth are just;
    none of them is crooked or perverse. ~Prov. 8:8

It seems like every time I turn on the news, there’s another politician spewing out words that are hateful, vengeful, untruthful, unjust and the like. I feel my mind and heart racing to condemn these public figures when the Spirit starts to poke and prod my own soul, reminding me that often, even if in the deepest and darkest recesses of my heart, I spew the same kind of words toward others. It’s the reality of the human condition unhitched from the saving grace of Jesus.

Apparently, these words we feel, think and say – the ones that aren’t just but crooked and perverse (v. 8) – are the opposite of wisdom. In the broken world we find ourselves in, these words have the appearance of wisdom, but they are in fact quite the opposite. Rather than leading to life and joy, they are the outworking of a heart that “loves death (v. 36).”

The good news is, wisdom is not hidden from us. In fact, she has made herself visible to anyone who has eyes to see (vv. 1-3). How do we see her? Where do we see wisdom? In the Word (logos) of God made flesh, Jesus Christ (John 1). He is the wisdom of God made visible, known to our senses and to our minds. When we look to Him to find life, the words of justice and straightness will fill our hearts and flow from our lips bringing life and fullness to the hurting world around us.

God of all wisdom, grant us grace today to seek after your wisdom made known to us in Jesus Christ your Son. When we find her, may the words of our hearts and lips move from injustice, crookedness and perversion to ones of love, mercy and hope. For your glory and the good of the people around us, amen! 

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