Local Churches

Material sourced from Cornerstone magazine Fall 2015

Grace Harbor

Grace Harbor is a church that seeks to display God’s glory among ourselves, our community, and the nations. We do that by being Gospel-centered and Word driven in our efforts to follow Jesus together. That means that when we gather as a church the Bible is shaping what we sing, how we pray, and the content of our sermons. Our desire is that these times would produce a Christ-like love for one another, so that our life together reflects gospel itself and the world may know the truth about Jesus (John 13:34-35; 17:23).

47 Fenner Street // Sunday 10am and 6pm

Please come to the Van Wickle Gates by 9:30am to walk over to church together

  •  Contact Person: Rebekah Lee // 917-751-7530
  • Lisa Yang // lisa_yang@brown.edu

Sanctuary Church

Sanctuary Church began holding services in Providence in 2012 after residing in East Greenwich as a part of Christ Church. Our decision to plant in the city was due to a clear call by God to serve our community which was predominantly made up of people who lived in, or were already serving in the Providence. A vision to be a church by and for the city began to emerge. Our leaders lived and served here. Our outreach work was here. Our partner churches in the city were excited for us… And God allowed for us to continue with coaching, accountability, and resources by our network.

15 Hayes St. Providence, RI // Sunday 11am

Please come to the Wriston Quad or the corner of Meeting and Brown St. by 9:40am to walk over to church together

  • Contact Person for Wriston Quad: Cate Marchetti // 781-424-3175
  • Contact Person for Meeting/Brown St.: Meagan Peters // 401-749-8410

Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church, located just a short walk from the Brown and RISD campuses, exists to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead. We have a long history, especially through our RUF ministry, of helping students to engage Scripture, to experience the warmth and acceptance of genuine Christian community, and to discover the life, hope, and joy that are to be found only in Christ. We gather for worship every Sunday morning at 10:30….please join us! We are grateful for the ways in which students, undergraduate and graduate, enrich our life as a church!

72 Clifford St, Providence, RI // Sunday 10:30am

Renaissance Church (REN)

Renaissance Church (REN) is a church that exists to give glory to Jesus. A nondenominational church started by Pastor Scott Axtmann in 2001, REN truly embraces the diversity of the Christian body. Members at REN come from all different church backgrounds, but unite in worship for the person that is Jesus Christ. After a few location changes, this year REN has settled into the South Side of Providence, at 184 Broad St. Located so close to downtown, REN church has a dream and a vision to see revival in this city, and for REN to be a vehicle for the Holy Spirit to pour out on Rhode Island. Services are at

184 Broad St Providence, RI // Sunday 10am and 5pm

Please come to the Van Wickle Gates by 9:30am to walk over to church together

  • Contact Person: Gianna Uson // 510-861-8085 // gianna_uson@brown.edu

Providence Presbyterian Church

Providence Presbyterian Church belongs to God. The Holy Spirit calls us together from around the world to be a welcoming and inclusive community of faith committed to Jesus Christ and the Word of God as proclaimed in the Bible. Through worship, education, and fellowship, we prayerfully use our diverse gifts and resources to proclaim God’s message of unending love. We share Christ’s reconciling message of love by nurturing the spirituality of each person, cultivating a justice-minded worshiping community, and creatively responding to the needs of our neighbors near and far. You’re invited to our College Fellowship Brunch each 1st Sunday.

500 Hope St, Providence, RI // Sunday 10am

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

Historic and biblically rich worship. Love of God and seriousness about the Bible. A joyful and loving church community. Whether you are a committed believer or trying to figure out what you think, we would love to see you at 10 on Sunday morning for worship; stay for catechism time and a class on Christian doctrine or life. Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church is a young congregation in the confessional Reformed tradition, and has been church home to many students from Brown, RISD, and further — we’re a walk or bike ride across the river in East Providence.

81 Warren Avenue, East Providence, RI // Sunday 10am

Episcopal Church

Worship in the Episcopal Church is both liturgical and sacramental. It is liturgical in that worship follows a prescribed pattern, one that grounds the church today in ways that Christians have worshipped from early centuries. It is sacramental in that worship uses outward and visible signs ordained by Christ to convey inward and spiritual grace, most especially in the Holy Eucharist. Worship at S. Stephen’s makes rich use of signs and symbols that appeal to all the senses so that through music, incense, candles, vestments, sacred images, and ceremonial, our hearts and minds are lifted to the unseen God.

114 George Street, Providence, RI // Sunday 8am and 10am

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

Gloria Dei is a “mission” church focused intentionally on multi-cultural ministry and serving the poor, immigrants and other oppressed people. There are few Swedes left; the congregation is made up of people from 15-20 different countries. Our worship services are Sundays at 10:30 in English and at 2:00 p.m. in Spanish. The church has established a very unique and special ministry referred to as Step Up Center International which is a 501-C3 that provides programs and support to the people in need. Programs include English as a Second language, music instruction, tutoring and other programs for children. Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, located in the heart of downtown Providence, across from the Providence Place Mall, was constructed toward the end of the 19th century and the building itself was a product of the early 20th century. It was a Swedish congregation that built the magnificent church building now on the National Historic Registry and known as “the Swedish cathedral.”

15 Hayes Street Providence, RI // Sunday 10:15am (Bilingual) and 1:30pm (Spanish)

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